Websites exercise that social and environmental conscience The ace 2nd hand record shop on the Eastern edge of London.  (thanks Frank & Dave for this!)
Find out about Farmyard Animals Trio here and also The Very Tiny Little Kids as played on my shows previously. The connection between the two is Pete Flood in both these bands and also Treecreepers and formerly Lob. All excellent.
Knit your presents! Quick.
Hub for all info on Crayola Lectern, Map, La Momo, Celebricide and more.
New Piccadilly Café
Add your name to the campaign for fair women’s pension rights. Most of our mums are affected by this in particular. Only 16% of newly-retired women have a full basic state pension, against 78% of men. (source:BBC)
Buy a tree! Buy a rainforest! Fight the rail cuts and save the best way of getting to and from Cornwall on the sleeper! Knit your own Elvis wig! Help save the sleeper trains between Cornwall and London. They are a fantastic way to get down there wastig no time of your break and making it feel like a real treat. I've never seen them advertised/promoted in anyway. What a resource for true caff and cafe fans like me (thanks Jill) Designer of totallyradio and totallywired sites, now doing illustration. V cool, fun. for all things Lou Barlow (co-host) for South San Gabriel tour slide show c/o Matt Pence of the band A whole (admittedly nerdy) site about the excellent Spaced programme (If you never saw it when it was on TV, do! Details of how to see it on site) For Metronomy info Topical musical entertainment for you- (Thanks to Michelle for this) For Product.01's site For The Soundtrack Of Our Lives' site For more on my co-hosts' band or their Too Many DJs project For a very clean computer screen